Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ESAI: Future climate change policy likely regional, national

“Scatter Shot Reform: Fuel Engine Pathways for Automotive Transportation: 2010-2025” is a recent report by Energy Security Analysis Inc. that analyzes how transportation fuels will develop in coming decades.

The report’s executive summary says competing—sometimes conflicting—reform will result in “a vastly different fuels landscape than the comparatively simple gasoline and diesel market in place today.” ESAI believes the emergence of vehicle fuel technologies will develop slowly and haphazardly.

“The overarching conclusion of this study is that environmental reform will result from a mosaic of provincial, national, and regional initiatives,” the report said. “ESAI believes that the scatter shot approach described in this study illustrates the likely evolution of future developments in climate change policy.

“While international negotiations such as those in Kyoto or Copenhagen will serve a purpose in aligning benchmarks, the future of climate policy will unfold not on the global stage, but on the national and regional stage.”

ESAI , a Boston-area energy research and consulting firm, notes that the changing transportation fuels business presents opportunities for oil companies, some of whom already are partnering with new energy companies developing breakthrough technologies.

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