Thursday, December 2, 2010

Food industry contributes to fracturing fluid formulation

Halliburton has introduced a hydraulic fracturing fluid formulation made with ingredients obtained from food suppliers. And no, the fluid is not considered edible.

Compounds used in fracing are under scrutiny as some members of Congress question its safety. The use of fracing in the US dates back to the 1940s. Currently, the development of shale plays and horizontal drilling has increased demand for frac services.

Halliburton said its CleanStim fluid system provides excellent pumpability, proppant transport, and retained conductivity. Laboratory tests showed over 90% retained conductivity after 24 hr of flow. The fluid can be applicable over a broad temperature range providing up to 30 minutes pumping time at 225° F.

CleanStim involves a gelling agent, crosslinker-buffer, breakers and a surfactant. Frac crews mix the CleanStim formulation with water at the job site.

Crews on conventional gelled frac jobs can use the CleanStim fluid. In addition, CleanStim components can provide friction reduction for water frac treatments commonly used in shale, Halliburton said.

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