Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gov. Schwarzenegger links GHG proposition, baseball

An Oil & Gas Journal blogger usually cannot find a legitimate way to write about baseball, but California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger opened the door with his celebratory comments regarding state election results, specifically the overwhelming defeat of Proposition 23.

That proposition would have suspended the scheduled 2012 implementation of California’s law calling for reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Had California voters approved Proposition 23, they would have stalled Assembly Bill 32 from becoming effective until the state’s current 12.4% unemployment rate falls to 5.5% for 1 year.

"Today, we have beaten Texas again," Schwarzenegger said. "Speaking to No on 23…World Series or an election, I'll always take California over Texas.”

Valero Energy Corp., and Tesoro Corp., both based in San Antonio, Tex., along with Flint Hills Resources of Wichita, Kan., contributed heavily in support of Proposition 23. Valero and Tesoro, which both have multimillion-dollar payrolls in California, argue AB 32 threatens jobs and will trigger higher electric and natural gas rates for California residents.

It’s possible the governor spoke too soon. Although the San Francisco Giants won the World Series by defeating the Texas Rangers, the story might not be over just yet on the fate of AB 32. Texas Atty. Gen. Greg Abbott and others might try to stop AB 32 from being implemented.

California Watch, a project of the nonprofit Independent Center for Investigative Reporting, says that Abbott and his counterparts in Alabama, Nebraska, and North Dakota are contemplating a legal challenge against AB 32 by claiming that it interferes with the right to freely conduct interstate commerce.

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