Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baker Hughes opens drilling waste management R&D center

Baker Hughes Inc. opened its Eco-Centre waste management plant in Peterhead, Scotland, in June. In addition to treating and recycling drilling waste, the plant includes a research and development center.

Drilling waste contains oily residues classified as hazardous waste, and its disposal must follow strict federal and local regulations, Baker Hughes said in a recent company magazine, Connexus.

“Facilities that treat hazardous waste in the UK must adhere to Scottish Environmental Protection Agency guidelines and have an Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive permit that outlines operational measures to control emissions to the environment,” Baker Hughes said.

Martin Gilbert, Baker Hughes global R&D manager, said he believes no other R&D center has direct access to drill cuttings and waste fluids like the one in the Peterhead Eco-Center.

Waste disposal from oil and gas drilling and production is an issue of growing important for operators worldwide. Baker Hughes said North Sea operators have the choice of hiring waste management companies to transport cuttings and fluids for disposal onshore or else operators reinject cuttings into dedicated disposal wells.

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