Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Study examines majors, contractors dialogue on health

Major oil companies proactively protect their workers from epidemics, but the same cannot be said about all their contractors and subcontractors, concludes a study from management consulting firm Booze & Co. and the Global Business Coalition on HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

The Booz-GBC study, released Aug. 18, said oil companies are extend health programs to contractors in areas where health programs are established and well structured. Yet, nearly 25% of oil contractors surveyed said they had not discussed HIV, TB, or malaria with their clients.

“Oil companies are ahead of the curve in developing HIV and malaria programs, but the contractor community has not been as active,” said Jake Leslie Melville, Booz partner and an author of the study. “Further, our survey found that the subcontractor community is the most poorly served in terms of disease prevention and management programs, yet it is this community that is at the greatest risk.”

The study’s findings focused on less developed regions such as West Africa and Asia where HIV, TB, and malaria can pose a risk to workers and their productivity. Oil and gas operations are expected to increase in these regions in coming years.

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