Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Technology integration is key to offshore safety

Athens Groups reports what it calls a high rate of schedule delays and nonproductive time (NPT) on highly automated offshore rigs. A recent survey of drilling contractors and operators shows drilling control system failures account for 20% of NPT.

Athens Group helps drilling contractors and oil companies prevent software-related equipment failures that can contribute to NPT, schedule delays, and safety incidents.

Don Shafer, a co-founder of Athens Group, outlined his company’s survey findings during a Mar. 24 speech to an environmental and safety conference hosted by the Society of Petroleum Engineers in San Antonio.

Rig automation is intended to maximize return on investment by reducing NPT, yet automated rigs are experiencing down time and safety incidents. Shafer said everyone involved must integrate hardware and software obtained from multiple venders.

Offshore rigs use complex software-dependent control systems. Shafer said venders cannot ensure that all systems and equipment will work as designed when integrated with other vendors’ new systems and equipment.

Shafer believes drilling companies and operators can reduce NPT by paying more attention to the application of software-engineering processes and equipment standardization interfaces.

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